Rayne’s World 2nd edition

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Today in Rayne’s World…

Little known facts about me.

  1. ) I am actually shy, so it takes a lot for me to do this!
  2. ) In real life, I am a classy good girl type that never misses class or sends nudes to guys.
  3. ) I have always had a very high sex drive.
  4. ) I really want to find a girl to do GG content with, but none of my friends are down 🙁
  5. ) I am an introvert, so I don’t mind spending hours- even days- alone (maybe I do need my vibrator, but other than that…)

What are some little known facts about YOU? Or what would you like to know about me?


I did 2 of my favorite themed photo shoots yet! I did one dressed as an office secretary and another dressed as a school girl! They’re for sale in my store! What would you want me to dress up as for you? Remember I do custom photos and videos to make your fantasy come true!

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